Thursday, September 15, 2011

Steak Pizzaiola

This is another classic recipe from our Grandma Rose—one my father and uncles grew up on. It's a great meal if you are trying to use up the steak in your freezer or if you found a cut on sale at the grocery store. You can use a sirloin, T-bone or whatever you like best. It makes a great Sunday dish and is amazing as leftovers. My husband eats the leftovers the next day as a cold steak sandwich.  — Jill

Steak Pizzaiola
You'll need:
1 steak (I prefer T-bone). One steak is good for two people.
1 onion, sliced
2 cans (1 large; 1 medium) of Del Monte tomato sauce
1 large potato, chopped into bite-sized chunks
Seasoning (oregano, salt, and pepper)

You'll want to sear the steak first (I use T-bone) in a little olive oil in a pan. Get the outside golden brown by cooking few minutes on each side on medium to medium-high heat. 
After the steak is browned, saute the onion and then add the tomato sauce. (If you like extra sauce—and I do—you can use two large cans.)  
Add the potato and seasoning. Add a tiny bit of water and cover the pan loosely to allow steam out the side.
Cook on low/medium heat until steak is tender.
Serve with crusty bread. (Isn't it funny that everything I make is served with crusty bread?)

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