Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lisa's Mother's Day Thank You

Lisa's family from left (son Jimmy, daughter Taisia,
 husband Arnold, daughter Danielle and son Arnold.)
My oldest son graduated from the University of Connecticut this past weekend. He’s number three in the lineup; our youngest still has a couple of years to go. Three down, one to go. Not bad! I got alot of  "congratulations" from friends and family to which I replied "Thank you."

It made me start thinking about just how did we put three (almost four) kids through college without one of them having to take out a student loan. I’m not sure how we did it; we just did. We gave up a lot, I guess.  We ate a lot of pasta dishes and vacationed rarely. But my kids always said thank you. For even the smallest things, they said thank you.

I didn’t think the kids thought much about what we were doing—paying for all their college educations. But one day our oldest daughter Danielle said to both her brothers, "You guys don’t understand how good we have it. We are able to come out of college and not owe a cent.  Not a lot of my friends can say the same. We owe that to Mom and Dad." She turned to me and said,  "Thank you."  Wow! I can honestly tell you it brought a tear to my eye. They get it and it felt good.

I guess we do what we can for our kids, whatever the sacrifice. So this Mother’s Day I want to say “thank you” to:

My husband Arnold who works so hard to provide for me and the kids and has given me 30 wonderful years.

My kids for understanding how important it is to us that they get a good education, and for always making me smile when they get together. The four of them have such a wonderful relationship and it warms my heart to see how much fun they have together. They are my greatest achievements and they make me so very proud.

My oldest daughter Danielle and my son-in-law Tom for making me a grandmother to two of the most adorable girls ever!

My mother who made me the strong woman that I am today. She raised three kids basically by herself and did an amazing job if, I do say so myself!

My sister Diana who has stood by me in good times and bad, and was a shoulder to lean on when I needed one so badly. 

On this Mothers Day, I am truly the one that should be saying thank you. So to all of you who are so important to me—and you know who you are—thank you. I am truly blessed! (But I’m still not cooking on Sunday!) Happy Mother's Day!

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