Friday, November 18, 2011

Olio D'Oliva arrives from Italy!

When Lisa and Diana's father, Jimmy, passed in August 2010, Jill's parents Butch and Rita celebrated his life by adopting an olive tree in Italy. The first shipment of the oil made from the tree arrived at Lisa's house this week! It included three types of oil: one made with chillies, one made with mandarins and another made with lemons. 

The "hot" oil is infused with Sicilian chillies for three weeks. The folks at Nudo Grove say this is just long enough for the chili flavor to assert itself, but not so long that it takes over. The can says, "The end result is like a Sicilian donkey: a soft nose at the front and a cheeky kick at the back." Say what?! They say it's great drizzled over pasta dishes, pizza, red meats and eggs. Yum! 

The oil with mandarins is ideal on salads, smoked meats and citrusy cakes. It's made with fresh mandarins from Southern Italy, which are "hustled straight off the tree into our olive press." Cool! 

The lemon oil, they say, is perfect on salads, white meats and fish. Within hours of being picked, the Sicilian lemons are driven "at breakneck speed" to the press where they are stone-milled together with the olives. Nudo uses late-harvest olives with a subtler flavor to allow the lemons "to burst through for their moment in the spotlight." Lemony good! 

We can't wait to try each of these oils and let you know how they are. We have a feeling each one will be fabulous. 

Thanks Aunt Rita and Uncle Butch...We love you! —Lisa and Diana 

P.S. If you want to learn more about adopting a tree, go to

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